Used Car Wars

This brand-new and exclusive UKTV Original series is set in the hyper-competitive, mischievous world of second-hand car sales and follows two salt-of-the-earth car dealerships in Derby who have enjoyed years of intense rivalry.


The eccentric wide boys from Car-A-Lot take on the straight-laced, well-oiled corporate machine that is Geoff Cox Used Cars as they go head-to-head trying to convince punters to part with their cash, and whoever makes the most profit each week wins bragging rights and the choice of what forfeit the losers must face.


The series offers unrestricted access to the rivalry of the two businesses and their forecourt flattery, back office banter and wind-ups and grievances galore.

Disclaimer: These notes are intended as a guide and as such some programmes may be altered or removed and some audience projections adjusted before transmission


Key Information

TX Details:

January 2017



Primary Audience:

Men 16-34


Documentary & Factual

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