The Trial

Channel 4 Documentaries has ordered a brand new documentary/drama series in which a fictional crime is tried through an 'as real' trial - featuring practicing lawyers, a genuine judge and an authentic jury of 12 members of the public.


Over five hours, combining documentary and drama, The Trial will explore the process of trial by jury in the UK, the most fundamental cornerstone of British justice for more than 800 years, to reveal the inner workings of our justice system as it's never been seen before. A fictional crime is being written and filmed then taken to court.


The accused will be tried before twelve members of the public brought together to form a jury to sit in judgement on the case. The series will also forensically break down the approaches taken by the real prosecution and defence lawyers exploring the strategic tactics of Britain's top QC's.

Disclaimer: These notes are intended as a guide and as such some programmes may be altered or removed and some audience projections adjusted before transmission


Key Information

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May 2017


Channel 4

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Women ABC1


Documentary & Factual

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