The Team

Brand new series: Walter Presents - which showcases the best foreign language drama from around the world - features this gripping European crime thriller in which an elite team of investigators from Belgium, Denmark and Germany join forces to probe a string of murders. But the killings are far from random, and the detectives soon discover that a sophisticated criminal network is behind them. Three prostitutes are found dead: one in Antwerp, one in Berlin and one in Copenhagen. Each had been shot through the left eye and had a finger cut off, and each had received a visit just hours earlier from Belgian journalist Jean-Louis Poquelin.


EU law enforcement agency Europol sets up a Joint Investigation Team headed by Harald Bjorn from Denmark, Jackie Mueller from Germany and Alicia Verbeek from Belgium. What first appears to be a brutal series of murders by a single perpetrator soon develops into a much larger case when a connection is made to the killing of a fourth woman six years previously. And it seems that many more lives are at stake. The investigation takes the team all over Europe, and they are soon facing a fight against a widespread criminal network. 

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February 2017



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Adults ABC1



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