Forbidden History - Series 4

Jamie Theakston returns to Yesterday for a brand-new and exclusive UKTV Original that once again exposes some of history's greatest myths and legends.


During three fascinating series, Jamie has travelled far and wide to places such as Jerusalem and Paris, North America and Sardinia, and London and Edinburgh to meet a host of fascinating people and colourful characters.


More than that, he has dared to ask the questions and explore the subjects not featured in conventional history books: Did giants once walk the Earth? What is the truth about the bloodline of Christ? Did the Church cover up a ghastly secret at Fatima? What became of the infamous Templar treasure? And what powers did the Ark Of The Covenant really wield?

Disclaimer: These notes are intended as a guide and as such some programmes may be altered or removed and some audience projections adjusted before transmission


Key Information

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June 2017



Primary Audience:

Adults ABC1


Documentary & Factual

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