Extremely British Muslims

Thrust under the spotlight in recent years, Britain’s growing Muslim population has become a section of society scrutinised more than any other. As the number of Muslims in the UK reaches three million, fears of British Muslims living increasingly separate lives frequently dominate the news agenda. This brand new series provides an eye-opening view of modern British Muslim life through privileged access to Birmingham Central Mosque and the lives of the community it serves.


Filmed for over a year, the series provides new insights into an often closed community centred around one of the largest mosques in the UK and Western Europe. Told through the stories of some the mosque’s 6,000 congregants, the series unfolds in their day-to-day lives exploring three themes – finding a partner, the identity-crisis facing young Muslim men and the challenges faced by British Muslims trying to reconcile the rules of their faith with life in Britain.

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March 2017


Channel 4

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Women ABC1


Documentary & Factual

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