Extreme Weight Loss - Series 5

This brand-new and exclusive series pairs of extremely overweight people from all over America set out to change their lives by healthily losing half of their bodyweight over the course of a year.


Expert trainer Chris Powell moves in with each individual to provide support and to guide the weight-loss journey by teaching proper nutrition and exercise technique. Each episode showcases one person's path from start to finish and reveals a transformation that is more than skin deep. Special guests include chef Rocco DiSpirito, pastry chef Duff Goldman and former professional football player Donald Driver.


In series five we'll meet the likes of Robert and Raymond from Missouri, Josh and Kelli from Kansas, Tiffany and Cain from New Orleans and Shane and Marissa from Ohio, who all have a battle on their hands to achieve their health goals.

Disclaimer: These notes are intended as a guide and as such some programmes may be altered or removed and some audience projections adjusted before transmission


Key Information

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June 2017



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Housewives ABC1


Documentary & Factual

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