Diary of a Junior Doctor

There are over 60 000 junior doctors working in our NHS hospitals. As young as twenty-three they are on the frontline of hospital care, from the resuscitation rooms of A&E to the operating theatres of surgery. Committed, passionate and highly trained these young doctors are the future of our health service, but they are working in an NHS that’s facing record patient numbers. Ever more is being asked of our juniors as hospitals become increasingly stretched. In 2016, this came to a head as junior doctors went on strike against a new contract imposed by the government.

Filmed over four months in one general hospital, this series follows the lives of young doctors trying to cope with the pressures of the profession at a critical time for our health service.


Northampton General Hospital could be any hospital in Britain. Hard-working staff serve a local population that is increasing, but the hospital has little money for more beds or more doctors. The 210 junior doctors working here range from first year recruits – fresh out of medical school – to senior registrars on the cusp of becoming consultants. All of them are trying to give the best possible care and balance work with the rest of their lives. Northampton opened its doors to the film crews to show how the hospital – and the juniors they support – are working against the odds to do the best job they can.

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March 2017


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