Africa Week

Eden travels to the Dark Continent for a week's worth of programming that uncovers its staggering breadth of wildlife, natural history and landscapes. Africa is the planet's wildest continent, and here viewers find out why.


Throughout the week programmes include series The Wild Life, Wild Africa, Wildest Africa and the Sir David Attenborough-fronted Africa.


Elsewhere there are breathtaking one-offs: Africa's Giant Killers details what happens when a herd of elephants face a pride of lions; Echo - An Unforgettable Elephant profiles one of the world's best known elephants; Return Of The Giant Killers: Africa's Lion Kings looks at how a pride of lions have rewritten the rules; Trek: Spy On The Wildebeest follows a wildebeest calf on an amazing year-long journey; Six Feet Under The Savannah looks at the habits of the mole rat; and David Attenborough tells the story of two meerkat pups in Meerkats - Secrets Of Animal Superstar.

Disclaimer: These notes are intended as a guide and as such some programmes may be altered or removed and some audience projections adjusted before transmission


Key Information

TX Details:

June 2017



Primary Audience:

Adults ABC1


Documentary & Factual

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