FREEVIEW 28  ¦  SKY 136  ¦  VIRGIN 143  ¦  FREESAT 122




Who we are

  • E4 is the entertainment destination for a cutting edge young audience
  • Its eccentric and witty persona and strong branding make it a massive talking point
  • E4 is on Freeview, DSAT and cable, and E4 HD on Sky increasing its audience potential big time
  • It also won channel of the year at The Broadcast Awards in Feb 2011


What we are for

  • E4 is one of the most original digital channels, sucessfully launching mega hits like Skins, The Inbetweeners and Misfits
  • With loads of Facebook appreciation groups, E4 is here to entertain
  • e4.com reaches 2m+ a month and has great brand opportunities


Why advertise on E4?

  • E4 and E4 +1's Share of Commercial Impacts holds steady very strong for 16-34s. Furthermore within its competitive set E4 is the top converting channel for Adults 16-34, Women 16-34 and ABC1 16-34s.
  • Through research, we know that E4 viewers are predominantly young and upmarket, but theyre also fashion conscious, sociable, connected, heavy internet users, they love going out and tend to use advertising as one of their many information sources. They are also likely to be opinion formers and more likely to talk about brands and convince them to try them out.
  • E4 and E4+1 reach over 8.9m people each month. On top of this it has a young and upmarket viewing profile, with; 52% of viewers 16-34 (Vs 23% Total Commercial TV), 43% ABC1 (Vs 38% Total Com) and 61% female (Vs 54% Total Com TV).


Research sources: ComScore, TGI, DDS, Infosys, Channel 4 Research