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Launched in 1982 as an ad funded public service broadcaster for audiences not served by the BBC or ITV, Channel 4 is and always has been different. It takes creative risks that others avoid. It offers fresh perspectives for a diverse society. And it does it on a big enough scale to make a difference, not just to British media, but to Britain itself.


What we are for

  • To nurture new talent and original ideas
  • To champion alternative voices and fresh perspectives
  • To challenge people to see the world differently
  • To inspire change in people's lives


Key Stats

  • Viewers turn to Channel 4 both to be entertained and educated with ABC1 16-44s rating Channel 4 as the best terrestrial channel for provocative documentaries, original and best reality TV and mould breaking comedy. Advertisers can align their brands with our engaging, award winning content to reach this attractive and ample audience.
  • Channel 4 has a strong brand image being seen by ABC1 16-44s as being more trend setting, controversial (in a good way), provocative, innovative and ground breaking than any other terrestrial channel.
  • Due to our challenging and alternative programming, Channel 4 resonates particularly strongly with young (27% 16-34 profile compared to 24% for average UK adult*) and upmarket viewers (44% ABC1 profile compared to 41% for average UK adult*). In addition, among ABC1 16-44s, Channel 4's advertising is seen as more relevant than any other terrestrial channel.
  • If you want to engage with 21 million ABC1s and 11.6 million 16-34s, look no further than Channel 4.

 Sources: IPSOS/ Terrestrial Image Tracker; Infosys BARB; *=commercial TV viewers


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