Break Innovation: Taylors Coffee

When Taylors of Harrogate approached us to create a unique partnership piece that aimed to tell the story of how Taylors coffee is expertly made we thought who better to tell that story than passionate foodie and C4 favourite Jimmy Doherty.

Taylors wanted to show the lengths they go to in order to create the perfect cup of coffee, from the framers they use to the unique environment in which they grow their coffee everything is carefully thought through to create that unique Taylor’s taste. We flew Jimmy out to Columbia and along with Hector, a Taylors coffee farmer  and Hannah, a senior coffee buyer at Taylors we were taken on a journey that shows how the coffee cherries are carefully selected, dried and then roasted to create a beautifully crafted  and delicious cup of coffee

This campaign was a huge success and is a terrific example of how brands can utilise C4 talent to tell a different story.



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