Break Innovation: Assassins Creed Live Stunt

Most movie adaptations of massive game franchises are overly-reliant on CGI effects, but for Assassins Creed, things were different. The film’s Director, Justin Kurzel opted for real life stunts in place of CGI wherever possible and we knew any promotional activity should be in celebration of this.

To help celebrate the launch of the film, 4 Sales worked closely with 20th Century Fox to create an amazing advertising innovation.

We wanted to literally show audiences how real these stunts are by recreating the most iconic one – The Leap Of Faith - live, in an ad-break, using one of  Michael Fassbender’s stunt men from the movie.

One Sunday evening, a stuntman leapt off a platform 100ft in the air, freefalling for 3 seconds and reaching a speed of 50mph before safely landing on the airbag - and all this was broadcast LIVE on Channel 4 within in the first ad break of Humans.

Teasers for the campaign ran in advance to drive an appointment-to-view, and a special 20" promo from Michael Fassbender himself appeared across social media. 

The stunt itself was a 100" premiere break on C4 and live streamed on the All4 homepage, plus the campaign was fully supported by C4's own social media channels.



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