Digital Innovation : Coca-Cola Personalised Ads

In a world media first, we teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce and send personalised ads to 4oD registered users over the summer of 2014. Using the dynamic technology of our Adapt iVoD format, we served viewers aged between 16-34 with a bespoke copy, which involved the iconic Channel 4 logo morph in to the iconic Coca-Cola bottle.


The tagline ‘Share A Coke With’ was followed by the viewer’s name in the label section of the bottle. After seeing a large amount of positive references to the ad on Twitter, social functions were also included within the copy, where the image could be shared on Facebook and Twitter.


This evolved the in-store Share A Coke personalised bottles campaign to a truly personalised online experience and was a huge success. It achieved an interaction rate of 44% more than the average for our highly interactive iVoD ad formats. Also, the view through rate was 98%, which highlights how viewers were kept engaged and entertained by the advertising campaign.


The Ad Recall was a massive 71%, which exceeds what can be expected by multi million pound linear TV campaigns.


For more information about this campaign, or to discuss opportunities for your brand, just speak to your usual Channel 4 Sales representative, or contact us here.




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