Channel branded competitions are a fantastic opportunity for advertisers. They provide the opportunity to connect brands with viewers through our channels and to create engaging content.

What are the benefits of using Competitions?

They offer advertisers a deeper conversation with viewers through interactivity and great creative synonymous with the channel brand.

A promotion runs for 2-3 weeks and delivers high audience participation. It can add a powerful feel-good factor, particularly when viewers are given the chance to win superb prizes.

How can I use Competitions?

Contact our Competitions Manager, Alex Bird ( for more information.

What makes using Competitions at Channel 4 Sales different?

We lend you our brand's look, tone and style so you can create an association. And we have a great range of audiences to offer you including UKTV channels.
Plus there's a limited availability policy so we only run one per month.
Finally, we only use the best creative teams so you can rest assured you're in safe hands.