The award was set up to encourage the UK advertising industry to think differently about diverse inclusion in all its forms. In 2017, we are focusing on non-visible disability as an under-represented facet of diversity, where work needs to be done to increase representation on screen.

Entered campaigns need to demonstrate their ability to hit the brands original objectives. This is not about making an ad that ticks a box or fulfils a diversity target; we are looking for strong brand creative that merges the capacity to push a clever sales message, whilst positively featuring non-visible disability in some form.

There are numerous definitions of what consitutes a non-visible disability but broadly speaking we mean any disability which is not immediately visually apparent. This could include mental health disorders, chronic illnesses, debilitating pain, brain disorders, learning difficulties, visual and auditary impairments. This list is far from exhaustive and you should not limit your campaign entries to it.

The judges will look for campaign ideas that not only prominently feature non-visible disability, but that also integrate that disability into the fabric of the campaign itself. Judges are keen to see campaigns that normalise disability, challenge misconceptions or make positive statements about non-visible disability. Campaigns which surprise or challenge the audience, and engage them in positive discussion and debate about disability are welcomed.

The core campaign idea needs to be a 30-60 second TV spot, which will launch on Channel 4 in October 2017. However, the judges are keen to see how the campaign idea could live beyond that spot, elsewhere in the world of TV and also how it might translate through the rest of the media landscape.

 In the shortlisting process the judges will be considering the following criteria;

The Big Idea  - The campaign idea needs to be articulated clearly and concisely. Concepts which feel fresh, new and grab your attention are welcomed.

Meets Brands Objective  - We're looking for campaigns that set out to achieve a specific brand objective and detail how the concept will deliver successful results.

Prominence of Non-Visible Disability  - We're looking for the disability to be prominent within the creative concept - this does not mean the disability needs to be the focus, but it should be integrated into the fabric of the campaign concept.

Feasibility & Fit with Channel 4 - The winning ad will appear on Channel 4, therefore judges will have to consider whether they feel the ad is feasible to bring to air - would it pass the requirements and clearances for broadcast ads, is Channel 4 an appropriate home for this messaging?

Legacy & Amplification - The judges would like to see some consideration of how the campaign could live beyond the initial TV spot.



We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the following organisations, but you might find their descriptions of non-visible (or "hidden") disabilities useful: (external link, not run by C4) (external link, not run by C4) (external link, not run by C4)