By entering the competition, you agree to the below Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The main prize is up to £1 million (net) of Airtime value, redeemable across the Channel 4, Box Plus and UKTV channel networks. The winning advert will launch on Channel 4 in October 2017.
  2. The airtime value will be fairly spread across the channels within the portfolios mentioned and must be fully redeemed by the end of November 2017. Any remaining value left after this time will be lost.
  3. There is no cash equivalent available.
  4. The airtime value is excluded from any existing share or volume share commitments with 4Sales.
  5. The airtime value will be planned at the absolute discretion of 4Sales, but we will endeavour to plan efficiently for the winning brand's target audience.
  6. The winning campaign should be able to run in all dayparts (or have a pitched version able to run in all dayparts) and its position in break will be natural delivery.
  7. The winning campaign will be subject to all existing Channel 4 airtime advertising policies and must comply with all usual advertising industry laws and regulations.
  8. The winning campaign will feature main ad copy with minimum 30-second time-length.
  9. Agency commission will not be payable on the airtime value.
  10. By entering the competition, you accept that should you win you will be committed to produce an advertisement that reflects the winning pitch. Channel 4 will require regular contact and review sessions to ensure the creative concept being produced is true to the winning pitch.
  11. By entering you accept that the prize is airtime value only. Any additional media costs (such as VOD) and any production costs are not covered by the prize and are the responsibility of the winning company.
  12. Only one winning campaign will be awarded the main £1million of 4Sales Airtime prize, however the non-successful shortlisted campaigns (of which there will be up to 4 in total) will each be offered the opportunity to secure match funding to get their pitched campaign on air. 4 Sales will match-fund airtime investments of £250,000 with an equal value of airtime. For the avoidance of doubt this means if the client invests £250,000 they will receive an airtime package worth £500,000.
  13. Investments below £250,000 will not be matched by 4Sales.
  14. Investments above £250,000 will only be matched by a maximum £250,000 of value.
  15. In order to qualify for the match-funding, the initial £250,000 investment would need to be excluded from any existing share or volume share commitments with Channel 4.
  16. For the match funding opportunity, the advertisement would need to follow all of Channel 4’s usual advertising terms and conditions. Additional costs, such as All4 investment or campaign production, are not included in this prize and the final ad must reflect the campaign pitched in the awards competition. The airtime will be planned and delivered at the absolute discretion of 4Sales, but we will endeavour to plan efficiently for the winning brand's target audience.
  17. Prizes are awarded at Channel 4’s discretion and no prizes will be awarded as a result of improper actions by or on behalf of any entrant. Channel 4 and/or the Competition judges (acting reasonably) reserve the right not to select a winner or shortlist any campaigns, and/or to remove or amend selection criteria and/or the structure and operation of the Competition if entries are not of the requisite standard.
  18. In order to be eligible for the competition, a written entry must be submitted alongside core contact details on by the extended deadline of 4pm on 29th June 2017.
  19. Only entrants who are in employment in the following categories may enter.
    a. Media, advertising and creative agencies, entering with explicit backing of the client.
    b. Brand marketing teams can enter directly
  20. Competitor broadcasters are not permitted to enter or have their brand entered by an agency.
  21. At entry you must provide your work email address in order for us to verify that you are employed by a company that is eligible to enter. Failure to do so may result in your entry being disqualified.
  22. The prize is awarded to the winning idea and brand. The prize cannot be transferred to a different campaign concept, or to a different brand.
  23. Entries that exceed the 2-page written entry limit may be disqualified.
  24. Judging of the Entries will be based on the creativity and originality of a creative concept, which accurately and positively represent at least one form of invisible disability. The judges are looking for entries that fulfil a brand's core advertising brief whilst encapsulating positive inclusion of invisible disability. The competition is about encouraging increased representation of invisible disability in mainstream advertising and the judges will be looking for campaigns which echo this ethos.
  25. In the unlikely event that Channel 4 believe the advertisement produced does not match the intention of the original winning pitch, Channel 4 reserve the right to withdraw the prize.
  26. Entrants understand that any information in the entries marked specifically as confidential will be seen only by the judging panel and competition organisers.
  27. Entrants understand all other information contained in the entries may be used by Channel 4 in the promotion of this activity. However, rights to produce the campaign ideas entered will remain with the entering company.
  28. After the closing date, the eligible entries will be shortlisted to no more than five finalists by a panel of Channel 4 employees. 
  29. The shortlisted entrants will be contacted by email on 4th July 2017 (announced publicly on 6th July 2017) and invited to pitch their idea to the main judging panel on 19th July 2017.
  30. Inability to attend the judging session may result in disqualification of the entry.
  31. At the judging session, a panel of Channel 4 and external judges will hear pitches from all shortlisted entrants and will then choose a single winner.
  32. The winner will be notified and publicly announced by 24th July 2017.
  33. By entering into our competition, you accept our standard airtime advertising Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. Please ensure you have read these.
  34. Channel 4 reserve the right to amend the competition rules during the judging process if the chair of the judging panel deems it necessary. In this event, Channel 4 will notify all entrants of the change and will publish the updated rules on the competition website
  35. The judges decisions are final.


For any questions on these terms, please email